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We think we’ve got something pretty special here at Little Red Bird, but who cares what we have to say on the matter? We’re biased and proud of it! Thusly, we’ve asked a few of our clients what they really think about us. All we can say is, “Aw, shucks guys, we love you too."

"Little Red Bird listens to our needs no matter how challenging, then approaches our needs in a creative ‘out of the box’ style that makes them unique to their competitors. This approach has allowed us to solve many of our challenges and navigate through many of the problems in our industry.

The results have been exciting to say the least, they've taken our cost per lead down to $50.00 from $500.00!  This is where we really have to thank Little Red Bird. It has allowed us to try new approaches in our marketing efforts and learn more about our customers. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their customer base and create brand awareness."

Jay Shott, VP Development
Diamondback Development, llc.


“Little Red Bird blew the competition out of the water.  Throughout the poker industry our “Thank God for Poker” spots have been very well received, and are getting the attention they deserve as some of our best work ever.  We have had issues in the past with the path from conceptualization through to final production.  With LRB’s experience and network, we were able to partner with a top-notch production company including two great directors. Ron Randle offered exceptional art direction and was the creative thread that kept the project cohesive and on track from beginning to end.”

Pete Barovich, Chief Marketing Officer
Ultimate Bet



"LRB brought a tremendous depth of experience and a very strong creative team. Their proposal was also the most strategic of all submitted - they clearly had the best understanding of the market and our goals to reposition our brand.  Incredible responsiveness and desire to do the best job possible, nimble, flexible, patient and intensely creative without a hint of ego...LRB went beyond being our “agency” and became a member of our “team”.  They also looked for ways to maximize our limited budget by finding cost effective ways to deliver outstanding creative and collateral without comprising quality, and our sales have increased since the campaign was launched.”

Mike Davis, Director of Marketing



“Little Red Bird was hip enough to create a brand that my target audience (middle school kids) would find relatable and exciting.  For years I have been developing my product (curriculum) without paying a lot of attention to my image.   Working with LRB to create an umbrella company and a professional image around my product has done wonders for my business development.  Almost immediately upon creating and branding my umbrella company I received two new (big) clients.   I don't think this would have happened without the polish and structure LRB helped me develop. 

Working with LRB has been invigorating - their creative energy has prompted me to imagine and do more.   I feel like I'm on the right path now.  Thanks LRB!”

Michelle Icard, Founder, CEO
Cognition House

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