Our Approach

This is how we do it.

If we outlined our whole process here, you’d probably have two thoughts:

1 - Is this any different from what everyone else says?

2 - If I read all this I’ll be late for my next meeting.  

So, in the interest of keeping you informed and on schedule, we’ll keep it brief.

It’s in here. The part where we discover fabulous nuggets of insight about the market and the consumer... the part where we position the brand in a place your competitors can’t touch... and the part where our creative team brings clients to tears (no, we didn’t make that up).

But the most important part of our process doesn’t show up as any step.  How we interpret what you see and hear from consumers, knowing if a position is competitive enough to hold up in a down market, and knowing whether the brand voice is expressed in a way which will reach people... therein lies the rub.

A smart process is knowing when to customize; when to be elastic enough to adapt to more complex situations, or respond to budget constraints.  Most importantly, success is using all the tools and experience at our disposal to create brands that connect with your customers.  The examples you’ll find in our ‘work’ section will show you where we rate on that scale.  Then give us a call to hear how our approach can get your brand voice heard. 

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