blueharbor bank

The Low Down
A new community bank, blueharbor bank, was forming in the Lake Norman area.  Their first branch was within one mile of 14 other banks, placing them literally in the middle of an extremely crowded market. Their quest to capitalize the bank and establish a reputation for superior service hinged on their ability to create and communicate a competitive brand.

What They Needed
blueharbor had to quickly establish their identity and value to potential customers and investors. As the only Mooresville-based community bank, blueharbor also wanted to be a key member of the community, with an inherent understanding of the people they served.

What We Gave 'Em
A comprehensive multi-media initiative including a distinct position and brand voice was created that was wholly different from blueharbor’s competitors.  An identity package gave them a look and feel for everything from bank signage and coffee mugs to business cards and product brochures, while an ad campaign presented blueharbor as a new retail banking experience; highlighting their superior customer service.  This platform established a consistent identity that allowed them to successfully launch and thrive despite the competitive market.

What Happened Next
blueharbor quickly exceeded their capital goals and hosted a grand opening event attended by more than 150 members of the community.  Within a year, blueharbor carved out a loyal customer base and began to expand with a new location in Huntersville.

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