Boy Scouts of America

The Low Down
The Boy Scouts of America feels like its been around forever, mostly because it has; the organization celebrates its 100-year anniversary in 2010. With a legacy that includes more than 110 million members, the BSA wanted to mark the occasion with a special commemorative handbook. The Boy Scouts invited over 60 agencies to submit concepts for the new handbook, and when the smoke signals cleared, the BSA chose the design submitted by Ron and Jason.
What They Needed
The BSA wanted the handbook to pay tribute to the organization’s past while taking into account the attitudes and interests of today’s scouts. The design had to strike the perfect balance between past and present, while maintaining a timeless quality that would hold up graphically over the years.

What We Gave 'Em
The new design offered the BSA a clean, contemporary layout that seamlessly incorporated touches of vintage scouting.  The information in the handbook is presented as clearly and cleanly as possible, while maintaining the authentic scout personality the organization has cultivated throughout its history.
What Happened Next
The new handbook is scheduled for release in 2010.

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