M2 Foundation for Kids

The Low Down
The M2 Foundation for Kids (M2) began as the brainchild of star Panthers player Muhsin Muhammad.  Created to help young boys realize their full potential, the foundation had refined its mission to focus on preparing boys for college.  With awareness, but no clear expression of the vision, M2 wanted to reinvigorate the brand— which would also impact fundraising, sponsorship and volunteer efforts.
What They Needed
M2 needed a way to instantly convey the foundation's mission, and connect with a varied audience including teachers, parents, kids, volunteers and potential sponsors.  Most importantly, the brand needed to reflect the influence of Muhsin Muhammad, while offering a fresh perspective and voice.
What We Gave ‘Em
We helped M2 forge their new vision by developing a dramatic, compelling brand that embodied the key elements of their mission, inspired by the flame that exists within each of the amazing M2 kids. A sleek, professional identity package and an inspirational brand vision piece act as the launching pad for the new look and feel of their materials.
What Happened Next
M2 launched the new identity at a fundraising event in May '09.

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