Voodoo Ride

The Low Down:
Yacht Brite had proven itself as a professional-grade product that cleaned virtually any boat surface, without the use of water.  They saw a perfect opportunity to expand into the car care market, but needed a bit of help. Yacht Brite knew the new product would need a bit of finesse to enter a category in which the leading brands own just an 18% share. An added boost was given to the venture when Dale Earndardt, Jr. signed on as part owner.

What they needed:
To gain traction, the new brand would have to be seen as legitimate, be instantly recognizable on the store shelf among the competition, and connect emotionally with consumers.

What we gave ‘em:
The solution was an original, compelling, and edgy brand named Voodoo Ride.  The package design and communications conveyed a sense of mystery and alluded to its seemingly magical ability to get cars clean. The personality resonates in car culture, particularly with the younger demographic that has traditionally been ignored by the car care industry.  This new brand was introduced via a comprehensive campaign including logo, package design, broadcast, print, Web, POP, collateral and merchandising applications.

What happened next:
Voodoo Ride enjoyed a successful launch at the 2007 SEMA car specialty products show.  Since then, three major regional chains, two large warehouse distributors, and three major Internet retailers have signed on and international distribution has begun through Wal-Mart in Canada.

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